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alvin alvin at cwxtl.bioc.cwru.edu
Sat Apr 13 17:32:36 EST 1996

Dear Netters,
I am interested in the following article :
Neidhart, DJ and Petsko, GA
        "The refined crystal structure of subtilisin Carlsberg at 2.5 A
        (1988) Protein Eng, 2, 271-276.
Unfortunately it is not available in my school's library.
I would appreciate somebody faxing or sending me a copy over
I will be willing to bear any expenses incurred on your part.
My address :Dept. of Biochemistry, School of Medicine, 2109 Adelbert Rd,
Cleveland OH 44106
My fax no : (216) 368 4544
email : alvin at cwxtl.bioc.cwru.edu
Alvin Changco
Ph.D. Graduate Student in Biochemistry at C.W.R.U.
Phone : 368-8682.

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