heavy matals

Michael O. Skidmore mskidmore at ucsd.edu
Tue Apr 16 23:22:13 EST 1996

> Takashi Matsumoto wrote:
> >
> > Dear netters;
> >       Currently we cannot find a proper company for heavy atom reagent to
> > prepare heavy atom derivatives. For example,we cannot find  trimethyl lead
> > acetate in the reagent list of the major chemical companies .Please let us
> > know where we should contact to get heavy atom reagents.      Thanks in

(CH3)3PbOOCH3 is available from Alfa / Aesar cat# 57136, 1g for US $94.50. Alfa
is located in Massachusetts and can be called at (800) 343-0660. If calling from
outside the US, I think you cannot dial a toll free number so try: (508)
521-6300.  Alfa and STREAM CHEMICALS (as pointed out) are  very good sources for
all of a crystallographers heavy atom needs .

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