String Search of the Complete PDB

Philip Bourne bourne at SDSC.EDU
Wed Apr 17 10:46:13 EST 1996

A real-time keyword search of the PDB has been added to the 
macromolecular structure database located at the San Diego Supercomputer
Center (SDSC). It can be accessed by selecting "text" followed by
"General Keyword Search" from the home page of

Unlike the more scientifically meaningful Web based queries this is a
brute force approach to finding a structure of interest simply by
searching all the words ahead of the ATOM records in all PDB files found
on the SDSC PDB mirror. A list of structure entries containing the
keyword(s) will be returned and can be selected. Like the
database itself this is updated nightly from the PDB ftp archives.

The keyword search uses the Harvest Gatherer and Broker developed at the
University of Colorado.

         /Phil Bourne

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