Water-Mg++ bond lengths

Allan Sharp allan at mycroft.mmid.ualberta.ca
Fri Aug 2 19:34:10 EST 1996

Yoram Puius (puius at aecom.yu.edu) wrote:
: Dear netters:

: I have a blob of electron density which I believe is a hydrated, hexa-
: coordinate Mg++ ion.  It is not physiologically relevant, and appears to be
: bound between the molecule and  symmetry mate.  It is strong Fo-Fc
: density, and looks like a square slab with bumps on top and bottom, i.e.
: octahedrally coordinated, and doesn't look much like any other solutes
: in the crystallization buffer.

: So here's my question:  Does anyone have the magnesium-water distances in
: solvated hexacoordinate Mg(II)?  I have tried a few references, and am not
: really sure where else to look.  Any method -- crystallography, solution
: spectroscopy, etc. -- would be great.

: Many thanks in advance,
: 	Yoram

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You could search the Cambridge structural database for small molecules with
hydrated magnesiums and see what the measured distances are.

Allan M. Sharp

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