New Release of "PHASES"

Timothy C Umland umland+ at
Mon Aug 5 12:57:18 EST 1996

NEW RELEASE of "PHASES" available.

     A major new release of "PHASES: A Program Package for the Processing
and Analysis of Diffraction Data from Macromolecules" has been available
for distribution since February, 1996. This relase is considerably more
powerful than previous versions, particularly when doing phase extension,
using partial structure information, MAD phasing, using molecular
replacement models or doing NC symmetry averaging (which can now be done
with multiple crystal forms). Support for SGI's R8000 series processors
and IRIX 6.2 is included, one can now input SCALEPACK files directly, and
the write-up has been significantly expanded to describe additional tasks
which can easily be accomplished. For distribution information one should

                          Dr. William Furey
                          Biocrystallography Laboratory
                          VA Medical Center
                          University Drive C
                          PO Box 12055
                          Pittsburgh, Pa 15240

                          Tel (412) 683-9718
                          E-mail:fureyw at 


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