size of an antibody not fab..

Wed Dec 4 13:19:51 EST 1996

Hi Murali:

I was unable to send this reply directly to you.  The message bounced.

> > I would like to know  size of an antibody 
> > (not fab/FC fragments,but the Y-shaped molecule)
> > measured either from electron microscopy or crystallography. 
> > Any pointers?

Two recent works - one by Alex McPherson (published in Nature, 1993??)
and the other by Allen Edmundson (PNAS; Guddat et al., 1994??) were the
first to solve the structure of an intact antibody.  The pdb file for
the latter is already in the data bank and you could directly measure
it.  I am not sure if McPherson's structure is there.  But, it should be
similar for what you are interested in.  Also, look up earlier papers by
Hans Deisenhofer ('70s).

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