Final Program 1997 Miami Biotechnology Winter Symposium

Miami_Biotechnology_Winter_Sympo_at_UMSM2 at Miami_Biotechnology_Winter_Sympo_at_UMSM2 at
Tue Dec 10 14:13:44 EST 1996

     Dear Colleagues:
     The final, complete program, for the 1997 Miami Nature Biotechnology 
     Winter Symposium is now on the web.  The web address is:
     This web page is for the Department of Biochemistry & Molecular 
     Biology, at the University of Miami School of Medicine who is the 
     co-sponsor of this event.
     Look at the calendar of events for February and you will find all the 
     speakers, posters, general information, workshops, the times and dates 
     of presentations, etc.
     If you wish to register you may contact this office.  Register before 
     December 31, and avoid paying a higher registration fee.
     Thank you and I hope we will have the opportunity of meeting you next 
     February at the Symposium.
                                        Sandra Black
                                        Executive Director

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