Mult. Conf. in X-PLOR

Chris Colovos colovos at
Wed Dec 18 14:28:15 EST 1996

Does anyone know how to refine multiple side-chain conformations in
X-PLOR 3.843??? (i.e. how do I need to modify my generate.inp,
check.inp, positional.inp, etc. files)  To complicate things even more,
the structure has NCS, where side chain A in monomer A has two or more
conformations, while side chain A in monomer B has only one.
	The documentation for modeling mult. side chain confs. found in
alternate.inp, seems non-intutive to me, and all my attempts at kludging
mult. confs. have failed.  

					Thank you for your time.

					Chris Colovos

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