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Mon Feb 5 18:30:07 EST 1996

S. Ramaswamy wrote:
> Hello!
>         I post this here as I am unable to find how to subscribe to
>         the HKL mailing list - and also probably more crystallographers
>         read this - including probably Z.Ottwinowski.
>         IF you have an all partial data set and you are processing
>         it using denzo, does it make sense to 'refine partiality'.
>         The equation in the manual uses  <I(fully)> in the resolution
>         cell to refine F or partiallity, what happens if there are no
>         I(fullys) in the frame.
>         Or am I missing something.
>         Thanks.
>         Rams

It makes perfect sense to 'refine partiality' in Denzo, even if you have
all partial data set.
Sorry for the documentation not being more precise. The intensity of <I(fully)> 
is estimated not only from fully recorded reflections but also from partially
recorded reflections, where <I(fully)> = <Ipartial> / <Calculated Partiality>
This makes it possible to use only partials. In practise it wery well.

Sorry for disapearance of the HKL mailing list, due to Wladek Minor moving
to University of Virginia. HKL list will be soon resurected at a different address.

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