Rietveld Method Short Course

Angela Arnold aa15 at Conted.gatech.edu
Tue Feb 6 13:08:38 EST 1996

                             UPCOMING COURSE 


                       Rietveld Method Short Course

The Rietveld method is widely recognized to be uniquely valuable for 
structural analysis of nearly all crystal-structure and related analyses of 
nearly all crystalline materials not available as single crystals.  This 
3-day intensive course will be conducted by Professors R.B. Von Dreele and 
R.A. Young, both well known in the field.  The course will deal with the 
principles and techniques of Rietveld analysis and with avoiding or 
overcoming problems encountered in the use of it.  The teaching system 
involves morning lectures, supervised individual hands-on experience running 
the Rietveld refinements on PC- type computers in the afternoon, much 
student-teacher interaction and discussion, and availability of the computers
at other times for further individual practice.   The student will have a 
choice of using either of the two most widely used Rietveld programs, DBWS 
and GSAS.  Both the well grounded beginner and the moderately experienced 
user should find the course valuable.

Date:                                   May 6-8, 1996

Location:                               Atlanta, GA

Conducted by:                           Georgia Tech Continuing Education 

For more information:           Department of Continuing Education 
                                Georgia Institute of Technology
                                Atlanta, Georgia 30332-0385
                                Phone: 404/894-2547
                           	E-mail:  angela.arnold at conted.gatech.edu
				WWW:  http://www.conted.gatech.edu

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