data processing and Denzo!!

Fan Yang fyfy at dragon
Tue Feb 6 15:12:37 EST 1996

Zbyszek Otwinowski (zbyszek at wrote:
: It makes perfect sense to 'refine partiality' in Denzo, even if you have
: all partial data set.
: Sorry for the documentation not being more precise. The intensity of <I(fully)> 
: is estimated not only from fully recorded reflections but also from partially
: recorded reflections, where <I(fully)> = <Ipartial> / <Calculated Partiality>
: This makes it possible to use only partials. In practise it wery well.

: Sorry for disapearance of the HKL mailing list, due to Wladek Minor moving
: to University of Virginia. HKL list will be soon resurected at a different address.

   So, I think the data can be treated as usual when running Deozo. Is this
also true for scalepack? Is there any special command in Scalepack to deal
with a data set containing no fully  recorded reflections?

Thanks a lot.

Fan Yang
Rice University.

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