data processing and Denzo!!

Fan Yang fyfy at dragon
Thu Feb 8 16:21:57 EST 1996

Zbyszek Otwinowski (zbyszek at wrote:
: There is no need for special command in scalepack to process partial data set.
: However, in such cases it may be very helpful to add:

: scale restrain 0.02
: b restrain 0.2
: scale restrain 0.02 assumes expectation of about 2% change of relative
: scale factor between frames, b restrain 0.2  assumes expectation of
: b factor changing by 0.2A**2 between frames. 
   The changes in scale restrain from 0.05 or larger to 0.02 or less is
exactly what I have done when I refined my partial data in order to make scale
factors converge. Thanks for replying my question.

Fan Yang

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