Growth media for Selenomethionine modified proteins

Michael P. Forstner forstner at
Thu Feb 15 12:29:01 EST 1996

Michael Gajhede wrote:
> I am very interested in references to papers with detailled description
> of optimal growth media for fermentation of cells producing recombinant
> proteins with methionines substituted to selenomethionines.
> Can anyone help ?
> --

I have used the medium described in H.Senn et al., Eur.Biophys.J.
14(1987)301-306 with some modifications (e.g.with Se-Met instead of 
methionine)for the overexpression. Basically I replaced glucose as the 
carbon source with glycerol, and FeSO4 and MgSO4 were replaced by FeCl2 
and Mg-acetate.
During the growth phase methionine was added to the medium and before 
inducing expression of the protein, cells were harvested and extensively 
washed, then transferred to fresh medium, this time with Se-methionine 
If you need more detailed information, send me an e-mail message and I 
will send you the protocol I used.

Hope that helps.
Good luck!


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