Thu Feb 15 13:22:06 EST 1996

>I am very interested in references to papers with detailled description
>of optimal growth media for fermentation of cells producing recombinant
>proteins with methionines substituted to selenomethionines.
>Can anyone help ?
>Michael Gajhede, Department of X-ray Crystallography, Institute of
>Universitetsparken 5, Copenhagen University, 2100 Copenhagen Denmark.
>tlf 45-35320280, fax 45-35320299
>internet: michael at

I would like to ask a similar question on the same topic.  Which strains of
E. coli have been most useful for selenomethionine incorporation?  How does
one get these strains?  Then, what are the growth conditions?  The papers I
have on this subject are:

W. A. Hendrickson, J. R. Horton and D. M. LeMaster, EMBO Journal, vol.
9(5), 1665-1672, 1990.  

G. D. VanDuyne et al., J. Mol. Biol., vol. 229, 105-124 (1993).
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