Growth media for Selenomethionine modified proteins

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Fri Feb 16 02:36:56 EST 1996

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> I am very interested in references to papers with detailled description
> of optimal growth media for fermentation of cells producing recombinant
> proteins with methionines substituted to selenomethionines.
> Can anyone help ?

Check out:

Budisa, Steipe, Demange, Eckerskorn, Kellerman and Huber, High-level
biosynthetic substitution of methionine in proteins by its analogs
2-aminohexanoic acid, selenomethionine, telluromethionine and ethionine in
E. coli, European Journal of Biochemistry, 230, 788-796, 1995.  

Quite a nice paper with lots of details.  Should be just what you're
looking for.

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