How not to draw specular reflections in Molscript?

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Fri Feb 16 12:34:01 EST 1996

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>>	Can anyone tell me how to get rid of (or, alternaticely, print in a 
>>colour other than black) the specular reflections which Molscript insists on 
>>drawing on any atom in cpk or ball-and-stick format?  
>	There are two ways.

Minimum: a right way and a wrong way.  But usually many ways...

>	The first and most immediate option is to edit the PostScript output.
>	The second option is to modify the source code and re-compile.

What about the shading parameter?  'shading 0.0' will disable
shading, my guess is this is what you want.  You could also try
modifying the colourdepthcue parameter, but this is 0 (off) by

>I'll offer one more trick:  Remove the border around the figure.

Try 'plot noframe' in the first line of the input file.

>I was able to edit the PostScript file so that the ligands stop at
>the outer surface of the ion.  

I'm surprised one can't do this using molscript commands.  Perhaps
this is the difference between drawing bonds versus ball-and-stick?

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