Announcement: Crystal Growth Meeting

Bob Cudney xtalrox at
Wed Feb 21 00:59:29 EST 1996

This is a first announcement for an International Meeting "Recent 
Advances In Macromolecular Crystallization".

2 - 4 June 1996   Bischenberg   FRANCE

Organizing Committee
Bob Cudney, Allan D¹Arcy, Joe Ng

Sponsored by Hampton Research, Douglas Instruments, Ltd., and Protein 
Solutions, Inc.

Scientific Program
This International Meeting on Recent Advances in Macromolecular 
Crystallization will focus upon the practical aspects of macromolecular 
crystal growth.  Discussions will cover recent advances in crystal 
growth which can be applied towards the task of obtaining single 
crystals of proteins, peptides, and nucleic acids.  Discussions will 
also include future directions for advances in macromolecular crystal 
growth.  The subjects to be covered include the following:

Screening for crystallization conditions
Modification of proteins for crystallization
Molecular biology and protein crystallization
Light scattering as a crystallization research tool
Practical aspects of cryocrystallography
Novel and alternative crystallization agents
Novel and alternative crystallization methods
Microgravity crystallization
Automated crystallization

For a registration packet and additional information please contact Bob 
Cudney via e-mail at "xtalrox at", or Fax (USA)(714) 586-1453, or 
visit the page on the WWW, http://www/

Please provide your Name, Institution, Mailing Address, Fax, Telephone 
Number, and E-mail with your request.

Registration will be limited to 100 particpitants.

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