Searching for Fuji BAS 2000 scanner

Zbyszek Otwinowski zbyszek at
Thu Feb 22 15:40:55 EST 1996

Yoram Puius wrote:

> We are interested in acquiring a Fuji BAS 2000 image plate scanner for use
> in protein crystallography. We would like to purchase a used one for a
> reasonable price, and of course, a donated scanner would be welcome.
> Additional relevant computer hardware and software would be desirable, but
> not necessary.
> Please direct all replies to:
> Dr. Steven Almo
> Department of Biochemistry
> Albert Einstein College of Medicine

I would strongly discourage use of Fuji scanner for protein crystallography,
at the synchrotron or in the lab. It is extremly laborious to use.
Practise of synchrotrons is that one needs a team of 4-8 people to use it.
If one has so many people in the lab, automatic scanner can be easily
justified. Also data reduction is much harder due to mistakes being
made during data collection.
If you cannot afford an automatic scanner, it will be much easier to go
to another lab to collect data. Inconvinience of going to another lab
is smaller than using Fuji scanner in your own lab.
However, Fuji scanner is quite good for scanning gels.

Did anybody succeed in using Fuji scanner in the lab for
protein crystallography?

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