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Grishma Bhukhan zdli100 at
Tue Feb 27 18:37:12 EST 1996

I am a third year student studying Microbiology at Kings
College London, University of London. If you can help
with the below please send me an email at
zdli100 at Thank you. 
Grishma Bhukhan.


   1.What do you think the internet has got to offer the biotechnology
     and biotechnologists generally?

   2.How extensively do you( biotechnologists ) use the internet and
is there
     anything specific you use it for?

   3.What do you think the advantages and disadvantages are of the

   4.Do you think that the internet is the information source of the
future, rather
     than using the good old fashioned library?

   5.What more would you like from the internet?

   6.Any other information related to Biotechnology and the Internet.

Grishma Bhukhan ( 3rd Yr BSC Microbiology Student ),
zdli100 at 

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