Where can we fetch LINUS?

Simon M. Brocklehurst smb at bioch.ox.ac.uk
Wed Jan 3 14:40:10 EST 1996

Arne Elofsson wrote:
> I do also like the paper,

 Did _I_ say I liked the paper?  I wouldn't quite say that, but
then again, I didn't particularly dislike it ;-)

> it was better than most papers. 

 Again, I wouldn't go that far!  Like I said, the pictures really
were unusally helpful in allowing readers to see what was going on.
> However I did not like the hype that was created before the paper was
> published. I would also be surprised if the authors atleast could have
> helped to decrease the amount of hype if they wanted to.
  It may be that the authors _believe_ that they have
hit on something important in their approach.  I can see how it would have
considerable appeal in that laboratory because the methods mimicks (albeit
simply) the way they believe proteins actually fold.  
  But I won't digress into problems with that hierarchical type theory -
except to say that I doubt if it's correct, and that I doubt that 
simulations along these lines can generally find the minima of potential 
energy functions that represent the native conformation of proteins.

> Does anyone know if they are going to distribute source code or only
> executables ? In any way I'd be very interested in testing it.
  I should be surprised if they released the program in the form it
was in when the paper was published... IMHO it didn't look as if it was
working quite as well as they would have liked it to.

  If they've got it working better now, I should think it's pretty
likely that they would release the program so that it can be assessed
more generally.

   -- Simon

ps would anyone in the US care to try out the "exciting" (irony) new 
client pull on my Web home page?!  I need to measure how quickly it's 
working across the Atlantic!
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