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> Arne Elofsson wrote:
> > 
> > However I did not like the hype that was created before the paper was
> > published. I would also be surprised if the authors atleast could have
> > helped to decrease the amount of hype if they wanted to.
> > 
>   It may be that the authors _believe_ that they have
> hit on something important in their approach.  I can see how it would have
> considerable appeal in that laboratory because the methods mimicks (albeit
> simply) the way they believe proteins actually fold.  
>   But I won't digress into problems with that hierarchical type theory -
> except to say that I doubt if it's correct, and that I doubt that 
> simulations along these lines can generally find the minima of potential 
> energy functions that represent the native conformation of proteins.

To not say that the global minima of their energy function is not the
native structure 

> > Does anyone know if they are going to distribute source code or only
> > executables ? In any way I'd be very interested in testing it.
> > 
>   I should be surprised if they released the program in the form it
> was in when the paper was published... IMHO it didn't look as if it was
> working quite as well as they would have liked it to.

Other people do. Bowie & Eisenberg have distributed the 3D-1D PROFILE
program (source and al) Jones distributes THREADER (executable only),
sippl distributes his program (exe only with free licence). So atleast
anyone can test their programs.

>   If they've got it working better now, I should think it's pretty
> likely that they would release the program so that it can be assessed
> more generally.

I'd like that too, but as they were very fast patenting teir findings
I kinda doubt that they will.


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