Where can we fetch LINUS?

Simon M. Brocklehurst smb at bioch.ox.ac.uk
Thu Jan 4 16:41:22 EST 1996

Arne Elofsson wrote:
> Other people do. Bowie & Eisenberg have distributed the 3D-1D PROFILE
> program (source and al) Jones distributes THREADER (executable only),
> sippl distributes his program (exe only with free licence). So atleast
> anyone can test their programs.
  I believe at least one of these is not exactly the same code with
which published results were generated.  Not a wholely bad thing of 
course - just means that people have to wait a while before they can 
use the method whilst a few "bugs" are ironed out.

> >   If they've got it working better now, I should think it's pretty
> > likely that they would release the program so that it can be assessed
> > more generally.
> I'd like that too, but as they were very fast patenting their findings
> I kinda doubt that they will.
  Well I wish them good luck with the commercial exploitation!  But I don't 
see how it's in their interests to prevent people testing their 
approach...unless it works so appallingly badly that they would be embarassed
to let anyone see for themselves how the program performs...

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