Where can we fetch LINUS?

Thu Jan 4 18:23:50 EST 1996

 > Arne Elofsson wrote:
 > > 
 > > Other people do. Bowie & Eisenberg have distributed the 3D-1D PROFILE
 > > program (source and al) Jones distributes THREADER (executable only),
 > > sippl distributes his program (exe only with free licence). So atleast
 > > anyone can test their programs.
 To be fair, I should state that Profiles 3D has also been patented and
 was issued in mid 1995.  
 > > I'd like that too, but as they were very fast patenting their findings
 > > I kinda doubt that they will.
 > > 
 Something requires clarification here:  it is a common practice to apply
 for a patent these days, particularly for experimental findings.  A
 quick browse through the patent database will reveal that a novel method
 for protein expression can be easily patented and there are many
 examples for the same.  The same thing holds for theoretical findings
 too - like these prediction programs.  One has to remember that a patent
 is to protect the invention from commercial exploits by the industry and
 not academia.  For example, if you were to develop a novel 
 protein expression system and patented it, you will still need to
 register the strain under ATCC for distribution.  
 Granted that the strain won't be
 released to anyone prior to the issual of the patent, it only restricts
 the industry from using it without royalty.  Anyone from academia can
 obtain the strain and do whatever they want with it.  So, applying for a
 patent does not mean that everyone is going to be restricted from either
 testing the program.
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