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Bob Cudney xtalrox at sba.cerf.net
Mon Jan 8 20:43:26 EST 1996

Hello Macromolecular Crystallographers:

Hampton Research would like to announce our new home page for the world 
wide web.  The URL for the home page is:


The home page is not just another pretty face on the web but is actually 
a collection of useful information for macromolecular crystal growth.  
The home page contains the complete catalog/newsletter (Crystallization 
Research Tools), the crystal growth library, links to other 
crystallography web sites, numerous tips, an archive of tips and crystal 
growth information that has appeared from Hampton Research for the past 
four years and more.

The page is dynamic, with current references to crystal growth research 
articles, crystal growth tips, summaries of meetings (including the 
recent ICCBM in JAPAN) and will continue to change as well as improve 
with time.  Soon to be added features include e-mail tech support & 
ordering, FTP capabilities for library documents, a crystal growth 
newsgroup, and well, more.  So be sure to check in from time to time.

Thank you.

Bob Cudney - Hampton Research (xtalrox at aol.com)

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