SGI IRIX 5.3 or 6.2 best for xtallography software?

Brad Poland brad at
Fri Jul 19 08:25:06 EST 1996

Tony Linden (alinden at wrote:

: Under 5.3, you can compile using the -elf or the -coff flags (or something
: similar, if am not sure exactly of the correct names).  One of these was
: the old binary format used under system 4.  The other was new under system
: 5, although 5 supported both types.  System 6 only supports the newer
: binary format.  Thus if your programs running under system 5 were compiled
: with the old flag, they must be recompiled in order to run under system
: 6.  You might be pleasantly surprised to find a significant increase in
: program speed too.

: Hope this helps,
: Tony.

Ah yes, I remember now.  We still have a 4D-35 server that is running IRIX
4.0.5 and I wanted to be able to run the CCP4 programs under that version as
well as 5.3.  Thanks for the input.  I guess the correct statement would be
that binaries from 4.0.5 are not transferable to 6.2.  Thanks again.


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