Are O carboxy atoms distinguishable in ASP and GLU?

Gerard Pujadas pujadas at ARGO.URV.ES
Tue Jun 11 09:28:53 EST 1996

        Hi to all !!

        My name is Gerard Pujadas and I'm doing studies about protein
conformation. I would like to know if crystallographs are able to
distinguish among the oxygen from OH and the oxygen from C=3DO in the -COOH
group of ASP or GLU side chains. From the IUPAC rules (Biochemistry, 9(18):
3471-3479, 1970 it seems that the O atom labelled as 1 (OD1 or OE1) belongs
to C=3DO and the O atom labelled as 2 (OD2 or OE2) is from O-H (see Table II=
from page 3477 of the above mentioned paper).

        Please e-mail the answers also to my own e-mail address.

        Thanks for your help


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