???Detergents and crystallography.

Mike Faughn mrfaughn at unity.ncsu.edu
Tue Jun 18 10:09:03 EST 1996


I am not a crystallography, but I play one on TV.  Actually, I'm a
molecular biologist trying to solubilize a protein.  I have had some
correspondance with a chap that suggested to me the use of a detergent
called Thesit, also known as polyoxyethylene 9 lauryl ether and as
nonaethylene glycol monododecyl ether.  Anyhow, the guy said that not
only did it work wonders in solubilizing his otherwise very floculent
protein but also was a detergent whose presence could be tolerated
during crystallography.  So, I would like to here it from the

What detergents (if any) are both useful for solubilzing proteins and
are compatible with crystallography???????????

Any good reading on this subject (remember I only play a
crystallographer on TV)???????????

Thanks for any help, 

mike faughn
dept. genetics, north carolina state university

mrfaughn at unity.ncsu.edu

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