suitable data-sets needed for DM tests...

Frank Seljee franks at
Tue Jun 25 03:38:29 EST 1996


I am a Ph.D. student at Prof. dr. H. Schenk's Laboratory for Crystallography 
in Amsterdam. For my research in the field of Direct Methods in protein 
crystallography I am looking for some suitable X-ray data-sets from solved 
proteins. For my research suitable data-sets should comply with the following 

   * The protein contains between 25 and 150 amino acids. 

   * The presence of anomalous scattering atoms. This could be one or more
     sulphur atoms from cysteine or methionine residues or heavy atom derivatives
     from the native protein or better, MAD synchrotron data.

   * hkl-Recording from the complete 'Ewald-sphere' or as complete as possible. 
     Therefore including equivalent and/or 'Friedel' reflections.

   * A data-set from as high as possible resolution. Here I will probably force
     an open door, because protein crystallographers always want as high as
     possible resolution data.

The X-ray data-sets will be used for testing and developing new Direct Methods 
so the elucidation of new protein structures will not be the first goal. Even 
solved proteins are more desired for my research at this moment in relation to
proper evaluation.

If you can help me with suitable data-sets, please contact me at the address
below or E-mail me at franks at


Drs. Frank Seljee
University of Amsterdam
Laboratory for Crystallography
Nieuwe Achtergracht 166
1018 WV Amsterdam

tel 0 31 20-525 7039
fax 0 31 20-421 0710
fax 0 31 20-525 6940

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