Plotting an XPLOR translation function without Mathematica

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Tue Jun 25 11:09:27 EST 1996

In article <4qo5mb$19b0 at>, ng at (Ng) writes:
|>      What feature of Amore makes it more powerful than XPLOR?  I would
|> imagine that the PC refinement in XPLOR would give it the edge.  Note:
|> I have never tried Amore.


see J. Navaza (1994) AMoRe: an Automated package for molecular replacement.
Acta Crystallogr. A50, 157-163. for the author's summary of some of the
algorithms involved.  What it all means is that if you have the native data,
a search model and some example scripts to work from, you can run the
rotation function and translation functions all in one morning; possibly faster
if your computers are more modern than ours.  This means if it doesn't work
right away you have plenty of time to try other models, play with data
resolution, etc.  a version of AMoRe is included in the CCP4 package so there
should be no worries about data format, etc.  The thing i dislike most about
AMoRe is the mixed case in the program name.

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