Plotting an XPLOR translation function without Mathematica

M. Hough mhh
Wed Jun 26 06:01:12 EST 1996

schuller at (Dave Schuller) wrote:
>In article <4qo5mb$19b0 at>, ng at (Ng) writes:
>|>      What feature of Amore makes it more powerful than XPLOR?  I would
>|> imagine that the PC refinement in XPLOR would give it the edge.  Note:
>|> I have never tried Amore.
>see J. Navaza (1994) AMoRe: an Automated package for molecular replacement.
>Acta Crystallogr. A50, 157-163. for the author's summary of some of the
>algorithms involved.  What it all means is that if you have the native data,
>a search model and some example scripts to work from, you can run the
>rotation function and translation functions all in one morning; possibly faster
>if your computers are more modern than ours.  This means if it doesn't work
>right away you have plenty of time to try other models, play with data
>resolution, etc.  a version of AMoRe is included in the CCP4 package so there
>should be no worries about data format, etc.  The thing i dislike most about
>AMoRe is the mixed case in the program name.
Just to clarify, I tried using AMoRe first, but the results were inconclusive
- I am now using XPLOR for the PC refinement option, and I can see just how
much slower it is.

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