Plotting an XPLOR translation function without Mathematica

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Wed Jun 26 12:24:38 EST 1996

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>Hi !
>I thought that it would be interesting to see what responses were avilable
>for plottingX-PLOR translation function without mathematica. 
>However, there seems to be no response on this subject though the discussion seems to have
>taken a turn towards X-PLOR vs. AMoRe !
>So does anybody really know how to plot X-PLOR trn. func. 
>without using Mathematica. We have Mathematica but lack a sufficient memory
>to run it.
>Hoping to hear some really useful suggestions.

Well, I use AVS for this purpose but I doubt that is a useful answer.
AVS is a rather expensive commercial visualization package which just
happens to be able to contour these files with only a little help from
an editor.  

A much better answer would be to use the free program gnuplot, but 
this would require more substantial editing of the XPLOR output file.  

I have modified XPLOR to produce gnuplot files directly (rather 
than Mathematica files) for many things, but translation function output
isn't one of the ones I have done.  Still, it wouldn't be that hard to
do if you are so inspired... Just find the WRITE statements following
the line "C write TF 3-d-matrix" in XPLOR source file tsearch.s and
change them to write out gnuplot-compatible data instead.

gnuplot is available via anonymous ftp from

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