Plotting an XPLOR translation function without Mathematica

Max Nanao mnanao at
Fri Jun 28 20:52:50 EST 1996

Ethan A Merritt wrote:
> A much better answer would be to use the free program gnuplot, but
> this would require more substantial editing of the XPLOR output file.

	I ran into the same problem a couple of months ago for
a simulated annealing.  I wrote a quick perl script to do a very
simple minded data extraction from the Xplor log file and have
gnuplot generate nicely formatted graphs.  I'll put it on the
web at:

I havent used it for a while, but it was working last time I checked,
and I dont think i've modified it since then.  It should run with perl4
and perl5.

			mnanao at

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