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Dave Schuller schuller at
Fri Mar 1 23:05:36 EST 1996

In article <4h7vof$fh5 at>, 3lcid at (Carl DeLuca) writes:
|> Does anyone know how to convert a CCP4 map to a Turbo-Frodo map on an SGI 
|> machine. The CCP4 map is generated by the FFT routine and extended by the 
|> extend routine. Thanks for the help.

I have a utility to do that.  I am sure others are available as well.

login: anonymous
password: your_bankcard_PIN
cd pub/schullersoft
get brick.tar.Z

look for program cmappage.  you'll need to work over the makefile for your
own site; and it needs the CCP4 libraries to compile.

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