Preregistration - Macromolecular Computing School

Philip Bourne bourne at
Wed Mar 6 21:58:33 EST 1996

Macromolecular Crystallography Computing School  
                               August 17 - August 23, 1996
                             Western Washington University
Preregistration is now open for the School. To preregister please complete the 
enclosed form and return only the form and not this preamble to Holly Boyce at 
boyce at
The cost of attending the School will be $510 which includes accommodation
all meals, excursions, and transport from the Seatle Congress by bus.
                 ***         SEND NO MONEY AT THIS TIME        ***
Preregistration will continue until June 1, 1996. At this time you will be 
notified if your registration has been accepted. This step is necessary since 
we expect more registrants than can be accommodated. Acceptance will be based 
on maintaining a balance between age groups and geographic location. Details 
of payment will be given once accepted for the School.
      ---------------------------- cut here ----------------------------
                                 REGISTRATION FORM
Institution Name:
Mailing Address:
City:                           State or Province:                  Postal Code:
Phone Number:                   Fax:
Lab. and/or Individual URL:
Single Room:                    Double Room:
Invited Speaker (Yes/No)
Graduate Student:        Post Doc.:        Faculty:         Other:
Any special requirements, dietary or otherwise:

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