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Jan Lowe wrote....
> we have three old ESV workstations and several new SGI Indigo2 extreme
> workstations. We are *VERY* unsatisfied with the quality of the
> graphic on these SGI workstaions, especially in stereo mode compared
> to the old ESVs. 

It's true that the SGIs aren't as nice if you are "only" at the Extreme
level for graphics.  It's not quite as bad as "O" unmodified makes out:
there are settings that can be changed (the O-folk should know) that will
give you much better quality: making use of the anti-aliasing on the SGs
and also giving you brighter lines.  Or if you use CHAIN or XtalView, you
will notice that the SG graphics doesn't look _that_ terrible in stereo.

However, what you really want is the SGI RealityII (or is it called
Reality Station?) graphics.  It's every bit as good as the ESV graphics.
We think it is probably faster for line drawing and certainly faster for
moving CPK models, which can be rotated smoothly as long as they are not
too large.


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