"Resolution" means what?

Kamalakar Gulukota gulu at bu.edu
Thu Mar 21 14:55:37 EST 1996

Hi All:
	When protein structures are reported and stored in the PDB, they
are usually accompanied by statements such as: "The structure was resolved
at 2.2 Angstroms" etc.

	What does this resolution mean?  For example, does it mean that
all atoms are within 2 Ang of the reported coords?  Or is this like a
+/- 2 standard deviation limit?

	So, what is the technical definition of "resolution" of the xtal
structure?  I would appreciate any help in pointing me to some refs.

	Since I do not follow this group very carefully, I would appreciate
email answers to: gulu at bu.edu

Thank you much,
Kamalakar Gulukota 

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