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                      STOCKHOLM UNIVERSITY
                        FACULTY OF NATURAL SCIENCES

Stockholm University invites applications for a position as Professor
of Structural Biochemistry at the Faculty of Natural Sciences.

The successful applicant will be a member of the Department of
Biochemistry, one of the largest within the Faculty of Natural
Sciences. The Department is involved in undergraduate teaching at all
levels and has an extensive graduate program, at present involving 55
students. The research projects include Molecular Bioenergetics
especially Photosynthesis (B. Andersson), Membrane Protein Insertion &
Folding (G. von Heijne), Structure & Function of Proteins
(M. Saraste), Biochemical Toxicology (J. DePierre), Protein
Trafficing, Mitochondrial Biogenesis, Genetic Modification of Starch
Biosynthesis and Nitrogen Fixation. The Department is well equipped
and located with the other departments of chemistry and Life Sciences
in the Arrhenius Laboratories for Natural Sciences. The Arrhenius
Laboratories are situated in the northern part of the University
Campus at Frescati, close to the centre of Stockholm.

When appointing a professor at public universities in Sweden, emphasis
is given to excellence in both research and teaching. Consideration is
also given to administrative skills, in particular
management. Proficiency in Swedish (Scandinavian) or English is
necessary.  The appointee will be expected to contribute to teaching
at the undergraduate level as well as to the supervision of doctoral

Salary is negotiable. The University is an Equal Opportunities
employer, and since most professors at the Faculty of Natural Sciences
are men, applications from female candidates are particularly
welcome. Residence in the Stockholm area will be expected, at least
after an initial start-up period.

Informal inquiries may be made to professor Bertil Andersson, phone
+46 8 16 29 10, e-mail bertil at or to the Head of the
Department professor Stefan Nordlund, phone +46 8 16 29 32, e-mail
stefan at

Applications, quoting reference no 611-0000/96, should be sent to the
Registrar, Staff Management Division, Stockholm University, S-106 91
Stockholm, Sweden. They must reach the Registrar's Office no later
than 31 May 1996. The following items, all in four copies, should be
 1. Curriculum vitae

 2. Bibliography (numbered)

 3. Description of the candidate's research achievements, teaching
experience and management (5-10 pages). A guidance regarding the
presentation of teaching qualifications may be obtained from Ulf
Lindgren of the Staff Management Division, phone +46 8 16 33 22, fax
+46 8 612 59 60.

 4. Photocopies of relevant graduation diplomas.

 5. Research publications of the candidate's own choice, numbered
according to the

Items 1 and 2 should research the University before the application
period expires. Items 3 and 4, and one copy of each item 5 should
arrive no later than June 21, 1996. The three additional copies of
item 5 are to be sent later, upon notification from the University, to
the three Expert Members of the Appointment Board.

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