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The fifth annual ACA Summer Course for Crystallographers will be held
from July 28 through to August 7, 1996 at the University of Pittsburgh.
This year, the course will be a satellite meeting preceding the IUCr
XVII Congress at Seattle, Washington.

The intent of this course is to provide a selected group of attendees a
quick and intense introduction to the basics of crystal structure
determination and analysis: how to collect X-ray diffraction data, how
to use associated software to determine and refine a crystal structure,
and how to analyze the results. The course will focus on improving the
participants' basic understanding of crystallography, with particular
emphasis on avoiding some of the common pitfalls in structural work. It
will use a revised edition of the detailed and extensive notes prepared
by the lecturers. These notes, and the lectures and hands-on experience
with diffractometers and software, will give attendees an opportunity
to review the basic mathematics and physics behind structure analysis,
and to become familiar with various "tricks of the trade" and with some
of the best modern practices.

The course will emphasize the basics of crystallography, and will be
divided approximately equally between lectures and laboratory sessions.
It will involve primarily the determination of small-molecule
structures, with samples brought by participants. For those especially
interested in macromolecular structure determination, additional
lectures will focus on protein crystal growth and phase determination,
but there will be no opportunity for practical work in this area. The
lecturers will be the two co- organisers: Prof. Bryan Craven
(University of Pittsburgh) and Dr.  Robert Sparks (Consultant, Siemens
Corp.), together with Dr Richard E. Marsh (CalTech) and Prof Ward
Robinson (Canterbury Univ., New Zealand). For the macromolecular
component the lecturer will be Prof. B. C. Wang (University of

The University of Pittsburgh has single-crystal diffractometers from
all three major vendors (an Enraf Nonius CAD-4 in Crystallography; a
Siemens P3 in Chemistry; and a Rigaku AFC-5 in Biological Sciences).
The associated software is also operational in each of these
departments, on computers supplied by the manufacturers.

Graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, service crystallographers and
crystallographers from corporate and other laboratories are invited to
apply for admission, which will be limited to about 30. Attendees
should, preferably, have had some prior experience in small-molecule or
protein crystallography, as presented for example in "Crystal Structure
Analysis: A Primer," by Glusker & Trueblood.

Tuition for the course will be $600. Three full-tuition scholarships
and seven half-tuition scholarships will be provided on a competitive
basis. The criteria for these awards are (1) expected benefits from the
course; (2) qualifications; (3) motivation. Students and young
scientists who wish to attend both the course and the IUCr Congress are
eligible to apply for a Travel Grant. Funds will be awarded from a
limited sum provided to the Course Organisers by the IUCr. These awards
are conditional on the applicant receiving no other support from the
IUCr. In order to apply for a Travel Grant, the applicant should
arrange for supporting letters to be sent to Prof Craven.

Accommodations have been reserved at Pitt Student Housing for
participants, from the evening of July 27; the rate for these
air-conditioned rooms will be $30 per day single, or $36 per day double
occupancy. Student housing is only a short walk from where the lectures
will be given, and an equally short walk from the sites of all the
diffractometers that will be used.

Applications should be made on forms available from Prof. Bryan Craven,
Department of Crystallography, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA
15260. Telephone: 412-624-9300; Fax:  412-624-1882. APPLICATION FORMS

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