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barbara a seaton seaton at MED-XTAL.BU.EDU
Tue Nov 19 14:13:59 EST 1996

Two postdoctoral positions are available in protein crystallography in Dr.
Barbara Seaton's lab at Boston University School of Medicine, Physiology
Department, Structural Biology Group. The two projects both involve
calcium-dependent protein/membrane interactions and require someone with
training in protein crystallography. 
Position #1 requires an applicant who is eligible for NIH training grant
support (i.e. US citizen/resident, with minimal previous postdoctoral
experience). The crystallographic project is part of an interdisciplinary
collaboration on vitamin K-dependent blood coagulation proteins, with Drs.
Bruce and Barbara Furie of the Tufts University/New England Medical
Center. A strong background in biochemistry is helpful for this position,
which is available immediately. The postdoctoral trainee will be
supervised jointly. 
Position #2 involves crystallographic analysis of annexins, site-directed
mutants and ligand complexes to determine molecular mechanisms of
protein-membrane interactions. Emphasis is on obtaining refined high-
resolution crystal structures rather than crystallization, for which there
is technical support. Good computational skills are desirable for this
position, which is available after January 1, 1997.
Data are collected in-house on an R-AXIS detector system equipped with a
cryo setup. Software in routine use includes X-plor, O, and DENZO, and
several molecular replacement packages, and we have both UNIX and VMS
environments. The wet labs, offices, and crystallographic facilities are
housed in spacious, newly renovated quarters. 
Interested applicants should send a CV and names of three references to:
Dr. Barbara Seaton                                   Tel: (617) 638-5061  
Associate Professor                                  FAX: (617) 638-4273 
Department of Physiology                             seaton at
Boston University School of Medicine   
80 E. Concord Street   
Boston, MA 02118

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