1997 Miami Nature Biotechnology Winter Symposium

Tue Oct 1 13:49:07 EST 1996

The 1997 Miami Nature Biotechnology Winter Symposium
Advances in Gene Technology:

February 1-5, 1997 - Marina Marriott Hotel, Fort Lauderdale,
Florida, U.S.A.  The Venice of the Americas

Sponsored by the University of Miami and Nature Publishing Company.

The Awardees and their topics are: Lynen Lecturers - Molecular
Trafficking - Gunter Blobel, James Rothman and Gottfried Schatz;
Distinguished Service Awardee - Protein Folding - Alan Fersht;
Special Achievement Awardee - Design of Recombinant Immunotoxins
for the Treatment of Cancer - Ira Pastan

The session topics and speakers are: Macromolecular Assemblies -
Alfred Goldberg, Wolfgang Baumeister and Jerard Hurwitz; Protein
Folding and Design - Christopher Dobson, David Eisenberg and
Michael Hecht; Principles of Biological Structure - Keith Brew,
Jennifer Doudna, George Kenyon and Shinya Yoshikawa; Catalysis -
Stephen Benkovic, Rowena Matthews, Gregory Petsko and Ilme
Schlichting;  Design, Delivery and Mode of Action of Therapeutic
Agents - Joseph Hogan, Victor Hruby, Sally Redshaw, Dagmar Ringe,
Mark Saltzman, Craig Venter and James Wells

Posters: Deadline for submitting Short Reports for the daily poster
sessions is November 1, 1996. These will be published in Protein
Engineering (Oxford University Press).

Exhibits and Workshops: Exhibits and workshops by biotechnology
companies and publishers are welcomed.  Only 4 booths remain.

Contact the Symposium by phone at: 1-305-243-3597 or after 5 pm
call 1-800-MIA-GENE (1-800-642-4363), or by fax at: 1-305-324-5665,
E-mail: mbws at mednet.med.miami.edu

I wish to receive the following:

þ Program with registration and hotel forms
þ Poster information and Short Report forms
þ My Company wishes to stage an exhibit, please send information
þ My Company wishes to stage a workshop, please send information

Institute or Company_______________________________________
Mailing address____________________________________________
City                State              Zip code    Country
Fax ________________________ E-mail ________________________

Fax this form to: 1-305-324-5665, or mail to: MBWS, P.O. Box
016129, (M823), Miami, Florida, 33101, U.S.A. or request the
complete program by E-mail.

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