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In article <3250DB2B.59E2 at>, Frank Seljee <franks at> writes:
|> Hallo to all newsgroupreaders.
|> Is their somebody that know where I can find the <h1> normalisation 
|> program BAYES </h1> to convert F's to E's in a propper way for protein
|> data, or is their some other program that I can use?
|> All suggestions are welcome!!!
|> Thanks for your help,
|> Frank Seljee

Hi Frank,

CCP4 have the program ECALC:

       The  program  ECALC is used to calculate normalised struc-
       ture amplitudes for a reflection data set. The  normalised
       structure  amplitude  for  a  reflection  is the structure
       amplitude divided by the  product  of  epsilon  (a  factor
       dependent  on  the  Laue  group  symmetry)  and the r.m.s.
       value of the structure amplitudes at its sin(theta)/lambda
       value.   The rotation and translation functions calculated
       using these  normalised  structure  amplitudes  result  in
       sharper  maps  and the peak positions and heights are less
       susceptible to changes in resolution limits than the  cor-
       responding functions calculated with structure amplitudes.

Would this suit you?


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