Two PD's in Protein Xtallography

Mark Knapp knapp14 at
Wed Oct 2 14:41:43 EST 1996

Available immediately:  

Two postdoctoral positions at the Gladstone Institutes of
Cardiovascular Disease, University of California, San Francisco.
These positions are in the laboratory of Dr. Karl Weisgraber
and focus on structure determination by x-ray crystallography
of proteins involved in lipoprotein metabolism and Alzheimer's 
disease. (

The candidates are expected to conduct independently 
macromolecular structure determinations by x-ray crystallography.
Excellent knowledge and prior experience in macromolecular x-ray
crystallography and Ph.D degree in biochemistry, chemistry,
biology, or related field is required.  Knowlege and skills in
the following areas is highly desirable: programing (Unix/SGI),
recombinant protein production, molecular modeling, and use of
DOCK. These structural studies are performed in collaboration
with Dr. Bernhard Rupp at the newly established macromolecular x-
ray facility of the Biology and Biotechnology Program at the
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. 

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