Enzyme activity in crystals

Ditlev Brodersen ditlev at kemi.aau.dk
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>Could anyone please provide me with some references where enzyme or
>other biology activity has been demonstrated in a protein crystal?
>Email is fine--no need to clutter up the newsgroup with this oldie but
>goodie sort of information.
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Hi Terry,

  the group of G. L. Rossi at University of Parma, Italy, has worked for a
great many years on demonstrating and measuring catalytic activity of
protein crystals, e.g. the binding of oxygen by hemoglobin.
  I worked in their lab two years ago, where we showed by polarized
absorbance spectroscopy that crystals of ternary complexes of methylamine
dehydrogenase (MADH), amicyanin, and cytochrome c551i do indeed work as
electron transfer proteins also in the crystalline state.

A. Merli, D. E. Brodersen, B. Morini, Z. Chen, R. C. E. Durley, F. S.
Mathews, V. L. Davidson, and G. L. Rossi, J. Biol. Chem (1996), 271(16),

-- Ditlev

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