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Organization: Southern Research Institute


Department: Dept. of Organic Chemistry
Location: Birmingham, AL, U.S.A.
Start Date: 11/1/96
Duration: up to 4 years
Description: Southern Research Institute has an immediate opening for a
Crystallographic Postdoctoral Research Fellow in its Life Sciences
Division. This NIH-funded position, in the laboratory of Dr. David
focuses on the crystal structure analysis of compounds bound to
Toxoplasma gondii HGPRT. Crystals that diffract to 1.7 resolution are in
This position is part of a larger project to design novel drugs to treat 
Toxoplasmosis. The project
also includes the production and characterization of mutant and chimeric
HGPRTs, and the synthesis and testing of inhibitors. Other
crystal-structure based drug design projects in
the laboratory focus on Pneumocystis carinii DHFR, T. gondii DHFR-TS and
UPRT, and Plasmodium falciparum HGPRT. Applicants should have a Ph.D. in
Protein Crystallography, experience in the determination of protein
crystal structures, and an interest in Structure-Based Drug Design.
Applicants from other areas (e.g. organic chemistry, molecular biology,
or physics) who wish to learn Protein Crystallography will also be
considered seriously, provided that they possess strong quantitative
skills. SRI is a non-profit research organization with annual revenues
exceeding $35 million. The Life Sciences Division carries out basic
on anti-cancer and anti-infective drugs, including the design, synthesis
and evaluation of drug candidates, as well as pre-clinical drug
development studies, includingdrug formulation, toxicology and
Other details: An Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer
Please submit: CV, 3 References
Person to contact: Dr. David Borhani
Surface mail address: Southern Research Institute, 2000 Ninth Avenue
South, Birmingham, AL 35205 USA 
Email address: borhani at
Phone number: (205) 581-2555
Fax number: (205) 581-2726

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