frozen crystal recovery ...

Sean Parkin sp at
Thu Oct 24 05:38:29 EST 1996

Hi Pete,

A pair of Håkon Hope's crystal mounting tongs made specifically for
the mounting pins used in your lab. would solve your problem.  These
are standard haemostat tongs with stainless steel (or Al) blocks 
attached at the end.  You can find out more about them on our www pages

These are a set of notes adapted from a course in low-temperature
crystal handling that we gave at SSRL about a year ago.  

If the blocks are modified to match the geometry of the pins you use it
would solve your problem.  I have mounted, dismounted, stored and
retreived many dozens of crystals without a single crystal being
destroyed.  The geometry of the diffractometer and angle of the
phi axis is unimportant.


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