frozen crystal recovery devices

pbr at pbr at
Thu Oct 24 12:31:44 EST 1996

Hi everybody,

I am interested in any information about devices
for recovering frozen protein crystals.  This is a problem
for me, because I would like to characterize some frozen
crystals and then store them in N2 for later data collection.
(i.e. a synchrontron trip)
I would like to be able to remove my crystals, which are mounted in
a loop attached to a magnetic base, and store them in cryovials
(i.e. Hampton). However I am working on a Raxis with a vertical 
spindle which does not allow for the easy removal of frozen crystals. 
I am interested in a device that will allow the mounted crystal to 
be rotated such that it will be in a vertical position for recovery
into a cryovial filled with liquid N2.
I have read the short communication by Mancia in J. Appl.Cryst (1995) 
which briefly describes such a device, but was wondering if 
anyone knew of a more complete description of such a device. Mancia does 
not mention anything about problems related to his device freezing.
We currently have a heated jacket over our goniometer to keep it from
freezing and locking up, so I know this can be a problem.

		Thanks Pete

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