Water-to-air chiller for RU300 generator

Hudel Luecke hudel at uci.edu
Tue Oct 29 16:42:26 EST 1996


I am looking for people who have used Haskris water-to-air chillers
for their Rigaku generators.

In particular I would like know how reliable these systems are,
especially when compared to the more traditional water-to-water

We are planning to put such a system in a chase area adjacent
to the room that is housing the X-ray system.  This area is
on the roof a our building, open to the outside.

Temperatures in coastal Southern California are usually quite 
moderate.  I am nevertheless worried about chiller performance
during a prolonged hot-spell which might push day-temperatures
to over 100 F.

All comments appreciated,

Hudel (hudel at uci.edu)  714-824-1605

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