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AutorCasi junko at
Wed Oct 30 09:25:49 EST 1996

I would appreciate some help with a few questions I have about xtallography.
Any references or hints to ref'd journals would especially be nice.  Please
excuse the naivete of my word-usage and questions.

1) What is the most recent problem/dilemma in phase retrieval wrt

2) When collecting a diffraction/scattering pattern, how much
molecular/protein hinge motion is averaged out (-+10Ang?)?  And how much
degradation or "blurring" does this motion cause in the pattern-image?

3) Is Isomorphic Replacement still the most widely used technique for
acquiring phase information? If not, what is the lastest technique?  If so,
how much distortion/blurring/degradation does the diffused metal ion cause in
the pattern?

4) What species of protein or virii have been crystallized, yet whose
structure has not been solved because of motion? 

5) In enzyme catalysis, how does one acquire a good "frozen" diffraction
pattern of an intermediate or other step during the process/motion of
catalysis?  Is there blurring?

6) Any other thoughts about diffraction pattern degradation/blurring?

Thanks much.

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