Biological Crystallography Beamline at the ALS

Thomas Earnest TNEarnest at
Mon Sep 2 14:56:13 EST 1996


The Macromolecular Crystallography Facility (Beamline 5.0) at the Advanced
Light Source will begin commissioning in October of this year with independent
investigator time available in early 1997. The ALS is a third-generation
synchrotron commissioned in 1993 as a high-brightness source for x rays for
physics, material sciences, and structural biology. The source for the hard
x-rays [0.9 - 4.0 A] is a 38-pole wiggler, and the initial beamline will
feature a double-crystal monochromator, Newport kappa goniometer, Oxford low
temperature system, and a 2X2 array CCD detector with fast readout from ADSC.
An extensive support lab will be available including computer workstations for
on-site data reduction, processing, and analysis.

Industrial and academic groups may also wish to join the participating research
team (PRT) which is developing a second beamline to extend the capabilities for
research in biological crystallography. Membership will allow users to have
guaranteed access without the need to submit proposals for review and ranking,
as well as rapid access to beamtime.

Researchers interested in applying for independent investigator time should
contact the ALS user administrator as well as Dr. Thomas Earnest at the
addresses below. Those interested in discussing PRT membership should contact
Dr. Earnest.

Thomas Earnest
Structural Biology Division
MS 80-101
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720

510 486 4603
TNEarnest at

ALS User Administrator
Advanced Light Source
MS 80-101
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Berkeley, CA 94720
510 486 6166

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