Mike Nicksic menco at azstarnet.com
Tue Sep 10 18:25:44 EST 1996

Used/Surplus for immediate disposal to best rasonable offer:

Wild Heerbrugg: Epi 10 (0.25) #59018, excellent condition, boxed
Nikon 112766 Binocular headpiece
Nikon 74847, 1.5X
Nikon 71143 Focus section, 3-lens turret
Nikon Transformer UN
Nikon Transformer SN w/lamp
Nikon Microscope7" pole base Transmissive 3" mirror, internal  
& external lamp holder, no specimen stage, AC dead, Beige
American Optical Spencer Dual-View Multi-Focal Binocular Teaching 
American Optical 569 Stereo Star .7-3X Zoom, 10x W.F., base,poles,holder
American Optical 569 Zoom Pod only
Bausch&Lomb Stereo Zoom 4 pods .7-3X, 2 available
Leitz 10.5x18 (set), Leitz 10xM (set), A/O 10xWF (2 sets),
Loose singles: B&L 10WF Stereo, Leitz 10x18
1 Leitz NPL 100X /0.90, 1 Leitz NPL Fluotar 50x /0.95

Unitron, ACA, beamsplitter eyepiece w/ x/y mount tripod screw & wood 
box, missing rod extensions, optics OK
Unknown Beamsplitter, grey, approx 60mm mount diameter, 90degree top 
rotation, 360 degree bottom rotation, B-D shift, good condition
Unknown polemount focus section, grey
Olympus lamp head
2 misc large-diameter pole clamps

Other Optical, table/bench use:
Oriel pole holder
Unknown Mfg: 2-axis gerinometer (10.5cm x 6.5cm) table stage, good 

Prep equipment:
South Bay Technology Model 850 Wire Saw: w/abrasive slurry pump, 
alignment microscope, 1" crossfeed, indexing worktable, manual. 
excellent condition. Current list $12,455, buy this setup for $8679/obo

Miniature CCD Video Cameras (C-mount):
Sony XC-711 RGB camera, like new
Panasonic WX-CD110A camera, color, w/WV-PS10A drive unit
NEC TI-24A CCD camera, 50mm f1.8 & 2X extender
Toshiba remote head system: IK30CM,IK-C30MA control, AC brick
Pulnix TM-540 XGS remote head camera, 4 sets
Pulnix TM-540 camera, 1
Cliftondale FT 450 camera, 1
Fujinon TV Zoom H6x12.5R, w/+1/+2/+4 lenses, like new

Mike Nicksic
menco at azstarnet.com

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